Filter Info

Sidebar Filters

The sidebar navigation uses product features to filter the selection from the top menu.
After selecting products from the top menu, relevant product features are displayed in the left hand sidebar, check boxes are provided so any required feature can be selected and the displayed products are updated to show those with the feature required. Most features are self explanatory, this page provides some background information to aid in using these filters.

Cotton drill work shirts & pants are available in materials of different weights, the lighter weight materials provide clothing which is cooler to wear in hot weather and may also incorporate ventilation openings. The material weight is measured in grams per square metre (gsm), typical values are shown in the table below.

Shirt & Pants Weights
Product Fabric Weight (gsm)  Classification
Shirts 145-165 Light Weight
Shirts 190 Regular Weight
Pants 190 Light Weight

Pants 260-275 Middle Weight
Pants 300-311 Regular Weight
Pants  350 Heavy Weight

Workwear Products
The colour required can be selected in the sidebar navigation system.

Casual & Business Products
The number of colourways can be large, >100 for polos due to:-

  • Different suppliers use different names for the one colour e.g. names for light blue include sky blue, pale blue and spring blue.
  • Many products have two or three colours in each colourway e.g. white/navy..
  • Many styles have 10 to 20 colourways available, some have > 20..

To simplify colour selection for these products, both primary & secondary colours have been converted to one of 23 generic colours. Any tertiary colour has been ignored.

For those products where the number of colourways is large and the generic colour selection system has been implemented, the generic primary & secondary colours can be selected from the top of the navigation sidebar on the left hand side. To use this generic colour selection system:-

  1. Select the primary colour
  2. The "Find" button now apears. Clicking the "Find" button at this point will filter the products displayed so only  products with the selected primary colour are displayed.
  3. When the availbale secondary colours have been loaded, "Loading" disappears from the secondary colour field. Select the appropriate secondary colour. For products of one colour only, click the same secondary colour as selected for the primary colour e.g Blue Navy/Blue Navy for a Navy colour.
  4. Click the "Find" button.
  5. Products are filtered so that only those with the selected primary & secondary colours are displayed.
  6. To filter for a different colour combination, click the "Reset" button and repeat the above procedure.

Other filters may be used before or after using the primary/secondary colour selection system.

Primary & secondary generic colours are used for navigation only; all colours displayed on the product pages are the brand colours.

This feature is used only for jackets, as the name implies it describes the type of lining the jacket has; options are:-
  • None
  • Polar Fleece
  • Material Lining
  • Mesh Lining
The material used is shown to allow filtering of different materials; for jackets, the material shown is that used in the outer shell, the type of lining is shown in the feature called "Inner Lining".
Hi Cut safety boots are those with a height exceeding 200 mm (8"0, lace up boots of this height provide good ankle support which when walking on uneven surfaces (e.g. quarries or other areas where rocks are on the surface).
In those instances where a clothing style is available for ladies and/or kids as well as for men, selecting this in the feature will allow only those products that have the required range of styles to be displyed.